Saturday, November 20, 2010

Podcast Response

I decided to compare Caiti's Bates Memorial podcast with Danie's. Each had a different way of visually portraying the place. Danie used some actual video of the cemetary, along with other video and still images. Caiti didn't show the actual memorial, but made an artistic representation of it. The sounds effects were also different. Caiti's used sounds that would have been heard at the place, while Danie's featured her narration throughout. I felt like Caiti's focused more on the place itself and how it changes, while Danie's focused more on the concept behind the memorial.

The two podcasts also had some simularities. Both featured stories of how objects placed on the memorial got there. This was the main focus of Caiti's video, and Danie's podcast included a story of how a piece of driftwood got placed on the grave. Both showed how the place is connected with people. Caiti's showed how people change the memorial, like by contributing items to it, while Danie's showed the memorial can change people, like by bringing back memories.

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