Saturday, November 20, 2010


I decided to compare and contrast my own podcast with Jared's. We both did the Shoe Tree, however I felt as though our projects had very different vibes. Jared's podcast was more personal, because he used many images (and possibly songs) that pertained to his life. He included images of boxing related things and his own personal photos. His podcast also had a more comical approach. I thought his podcast was well done and showed what the Shoe Tree represents as well as adding his own personal meaning. He used image and different sounds and songs that worked together to show his ideas.

I never really paid much attention to the Shoe Tree and did not even bother to really appreciate it until taking this class. So, my representation of the Shoe Tree through my podcast was less personal. I decided to show through music and image what it might have been like for a couple to throw their shoes into the tree. The music was my focal point and I decided to mash two songs obviously about sex and slideshow images I took of my friends acting out the scene. We both showed our own representations of the Shoe Tree using image and music, however were able to have two very different outcomes.

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