Saturday, November 20, 2010

Podcast Response

I was very impressed with Caiti’s response to Justin Bates memorial. The podcast was amazingly well-crafted, and very unique. I really liked the way this podcast showed various types of people that would visit the memorial. The fact that not all of the visits to the memorial were intentional added an interesting aspect to the podcast. While the podcast was certainly playful, this facet gave the podcast much more of a realistic feel. I also appreciated how the podcast added a whimsical feel to a typically melancholy place.
Similar to Caiti’s response to the Justin Bates memorial, Danie’s response was also very colorful, and fanciful. However, Danie’s podcast took on a much more personal tone. I thought it was interesting that she not only incorporated other’s stories into her podcast, but continued to add her own personal thoughts, and stories about the memorial.

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