Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project 03: Podcast Response: The ARC

The two podcasts that I thought were interesting to think about in comparison to each other were the two podcasts that detailed the ARC. Specifically, I saw differences in how Hannah/Elisa's video and Natalie's video worked with the presence of people. On one hand, Hannah/Elisa's podcast had a very strong human presence, which could be felt through the overlaying voice clips and commentary. Compared to this, Natalie's podcast was very devoid of a "human presence." Her podcast concentrated, in my view, on the space of the ARC, of the walkways and areas that we pass through and may not pay attention to.
Another obvious comparison between the two podcasts is the fact that Natalie's podcast utilizes moving-video, while Hannah/Elisa's podcast is made from still photos. In my opinion, Natalie's use of video adds to a "ghost like" appearance of the ARC and emphasizes the "space" of the area. Hannah/Elisa's podcast's use of still photos places a greater emphasis on the dialogue heard throughout the podcast, which I think is the main part of the whole piece.
Both of these projects provide a different view into the ARC, an area that we often times see, but may not fully understand.

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