Monday, November 1, 2010

Space and Place

I thought it was interesting how there is a difference between the meanings of the words "space" and "place." Space is somewhere that has openess and freedom. A space only becomes a place after people have given meaning to it. A place is somewhere which has a sense of security or attachment for a particular person. This sense of place develops through experience. A person experiences something through the use of thier five senses.
One part I thought was really interesting was the difference between how a child views places, and how an adult views them. An adult can see an image of a place, and associate it with an emotion or sentimental memory. Children are generally very imaginative, so its fascinating that they do not see places in this way. This is because children have less of a past then adults, so they focus more on the present and future. Its interesting that adults imagine something, which children do not, about places. This imagining almost makes adults come across as being simular to children, just in thier own different way.

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