Monday, September 27, 2010

Project_01: Sources

Frida Kahlo, 1932:

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico in 1907. Her work is known or its very vivid colors, and use of symbols. Frida’s culture and Mexican pride have always been very evident in her work. I was particularly interested in her use of symbols to convey this cultural appreciation. The symbols inspired me to try and use smaller symbols within my overall piece to tell separate stories, within the work. In Frida’s piece, she is effectively showing her home, along with America. The alliance with Mexico is particularly strong in this piece. Not only is she holding a Mexican flag, but even her body language seems to suggest her preference. I then wanted to include myself in my piece. I obviously did not do this in such an apparent way, but I thought my own presence in the work would help to convey how much the place I’m representing means to me.

Greg Otto, 2005:

Greg Otto used to be a television announcer, before he started making art. He started out making more abstract drawing, but didn’t end up making Baltimore-inspired art until 1978. Those works and this piece in particular are vibrantly colored paintings representing places all around Baltimore. I was attracted to this piece, because I like the way he took a monument in Baltimore, but made it his own my adding brilliant colors, and therefore much more whimsical feel. Like Otto, I wanted to try and use vivid colors in my piece about Baltimore. I also liked the playful feel that Otto gives to these places in Baltimore. I then tried to do that with my own Baltimore piece, by adding colors, shapes, and patterns that I can identify with.

Maggie Taylor, 2000:

Maggie Taylor is an artist who primarily works with Photoshop to create surrealistic images. She was born in 1961 in Ohio. Her works usually involves many different layers. I like that she creates places that are recognizably realistic, but creates places that are her own by adding a touch of fantasy, and mystery. Like her art, I wanted to create a composite image, where most of the work was finalized in Photoshop. I also wanted to represent Baltimore, but also make it my own by adding fantastical aspects.

Valeska Populoh, 2009:
Valeska is an artist, and teacher in Baltimore. She teacher in the fiber department at MICA. Valeska was inspired by Baltimore, and it being one of America’s post-industrial cities. These pieces come from her dreams as well as some information found about the city’s history. I loved her use of mixed media in this piece, and wanted to incorporate that into my own work. Like the other artists, Valeska shows a Baltimore through her eyes, and in turn, reveals much about herself. She takes a gritty cityscape, and makes it much more colorful, and story-like.

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