Monday, September 27, 2010


Woman On a Beach

Beau Lark

Beau Lark is a photographer, from a search on the web I learned that he’s done a lot of work with travel photography. I got this pict

ure from, and couldn’t find the date it was taken.

I chose this photograph because I felt like it represents how I feel about shoes, and barriers in life- once you take them off, or strike them down; y

ou can experience the world more directly. Being barefoot, you can touch things more directly. When you touch with your hands, you think very specifically about what you’re touching, and why.

When you touch with your feet, you interact with your surroundings more immediately. I try to act like this-

I don’t like to hide behind expressions or judgments, and that way I can experience people or situations for what they really are.


April: The Birds ca. 1907-1930

Rie Cramer

Rie Cramer, 1887-1977, was a Dutch artist illustrator. She attended art school in the Netherlands at age seventeen, and

illustrated many fairy tal

es. She also made costumes, postcards, signs, pottery, and wrote plays.

The girl in this drawing is part of “April,” and early spring. She’s making music with the birds, and feeling the snowy ground with her feet. I felt like that since she was really being part of the spring, letting it touch her, she was feeling it so much better than someone with rainboots or shoes.

Painter in His Studio

This image is from, there was no photographer listed.

In this photograph, the painter’s feet have become part of his studio. They’re splattered with paint, he is stepping on paint, and in that way he’s become part of his own artwork. He’s thrown himself into what he’s trying to achieve, and let himself be one with it. That’s a quality that I try to possess.

Girl Collecting Rocks

This photograph also came from; the photographer was listed as “Meeke.” There was no first name or dates.

The little barefooted girl is playing with the rocks, and she’s totally immersed in touching them and gathering them. I liked this picture because the girl was touching the rocks with her feet- and she was very unconcerned with the camera. I’m sure she was aware it was there, but she was playing with the rocks without worrying about what the photography would look like. I try be unconcerned, too- to experience things on my terms, without wondering what others will see.

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